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Juggling Motherhood and Work!

I am writing this before I've even decided on a title (although I'm sure by now I have one) as I don't even know the direction I want it to go in. There is so much to say on this topic, and it can be viewed as a touchy one sometimes. 
I work part time three days a week, which means I am at home 4 days a week. (although this is going to change soon, but that's a whole other post in itself...) This is a pretty good balance on the outside by anyone's estimations. 
I think all Mums are amazing, in whatever they 'do'. If you are a stay at home Mum then good on you, that by far is not an easy job at all! If you work full time to bring in the money for your family, then you should feel immensely proud. Chances are no matter what you do in your work life you've probably felt like what I'm about to say. 
Lately, at times, and I think this is largely do with other stresses in my life, I've been feeling like I'm feeling the pressure of being all things to…

About me

Welcome to my blog! 

About me :)

So like anyone who is thinking about starting a blog the only thing stopping me was the worry of why would anyone care what I have to say? Then it hit me, I care what I have to say. It's like writing a journal but only more exciting because there's that chance that people will read it and actually relate. I would love it if everyone I knew had a blog. With so much emphasis on social media these days where 4x4 photos of someone's lives gives to a glimpse into their 'perfect' world I think it's nice and refreshing to actually read and write again, to share thoughts and not just filtered ideals of our lives. I want to actually know the story behind the pictures and all the not so perfect stuff in between. 

I've read a lot of 'mummy' blogs and some of them just make everything seem so bloody perfect. Don't get me wrong I love it when people share photos/blog posts of happy and great things, I think it's one of the best things about social media, to feel connected this way. Just the other stuff, mostly hilarious things such as five minutes after my latest Instagram post my baby pooed everywhere and I had to change her in the back of my fiat panda in the cold. Real human things. That's what I hope this blog is all about, down to earth parenting and life both the challenges and the celebrations that make us and our babies who we are. Also one of the best things about social media and blogs? If you don't like it, don't read it. But if you do like it, you feel like you've got another friend. 

So who am I? I'm 24 year old female from England who had a baby girl called Rosie in Jan 2017 after an emergency c section and complicated pregnancy, Rosie had a tough entry into the world and spent 12 long days in hospital following her birth. I live with my partner and baby in England, I love writing and I love that I've found something I feel so passionate about and enjoy writing about so much, and just want to share that with others.

Me and Rosie at five months

At the park!

A very special photo to me, me and my girl when I got to hold her
for the first time in the SCBU.
Me before the baba! 



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