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I thought I would do a quick post and share with you my favourite parenting You Tubers! I have been obsessed with youtube since I was about 17, however since having Rosie I've found myself watching so many 'Mummy'youtube channels instead of hundreds of make up tutorials (don't get me wrong I love them but I wouldn't ever get the time to even do them now!) So I thought I would share with you some of my favourites, because chances are if you reading this blog now you love connecting with Mums as much as I do!

1.) Emily Norris.

My favourite! Can I just be her already? You will thank me. She is the most amazing Mother ever too the most gorgeous boys - Three of them! Her youngest is close to Rosie's age so it's nice to follow along with his updates especially. She does routine videos, vlogs, tips etc, all that good stuff. I think she is just so watchable! Binge watch and enjoy!

2.) Kate Murnane. https://www.y…

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