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Our Weaning Journey!

Our Weaning Journey!
Getting used to her big girl cutlery now!

Okay, so bottle feeding for us was not easy to say the least! Rosie was tube fed for the first 11 days of her life, and having to transition from that was hard, and it just carried on being a nightmare from then on! Lots of problems arose, such as not finding a bottle she could drink from easily, to trapped wind. Wind was such a huge issue it seemed to take over our lives for months!
However, before we knew it, Rosie started taking the bottle perfectly well and would be popping out burps no problem whilst crawling along the living room floor. Its crazy how one day without even realising you look back and its all changed suddenly! Great, we've aced the bottle. Now it was time for WEANING! To be honest, I never ever really thought about weaning whilst I was pregnant or in them early stages, I was so focused on that newborn stage it never really occurred to me that before long she would actually need proper food!

We began we…

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