Save Big on Little Clothes!

Okay, so we all know that baby clothes can cost an arm and a leg. Full priced branded items can cost an absolute fortune, but sometimes we just get so tempted at the thought of our little angels in such gorgeous clothing we can't help but drop a bomb on a piece of clothing that will last them approximately three whole months, and probably get stained with some sort of baby gunk. 
Rosie's wardrobe! Pretty much all bargain pieces!
However, over the last 13 months I've accosted many tips that have helped me reign in the baby clothes expense, and I hope you find them useful too!

1.) Buy clothes that can grow with your child. I'm not talking buying things three sizes bigger so it will last forever (although, I think we all have done this at some point) I'm also talking about buying items that could be doubled up, for instance Rosie had some lovely T-shirt style dresses that were sized 0-3 months and I could actually put her in them until she was about 11 months old! I just…

The Big One

The Big ONE!When baby becomes 'toddler'...
Recently Rosie has turned one.Even typing it out feels strange, how can my little 6lb 3oz baby be one? A whole life changing year has passed and your sleepy tiny baba has turned into a raging toddler right before your very eyes. You spend so much time planning for a newborn that it may come of a bit of a shock when they are all of a sudden shoving their Peppa Pig birthday cake into their mouth with their hands and looking in bewilderment that everyone keeps giving them colourful boxes to open. Where does it go? 

I think that because you now have a point of comparison, that this time last year they were so weeny and now the same date a year later they are diving off the sofa and pulling all the magnets off the fridge, it just kinda just starts to hit you. The actual taking care of them completely changes. For instance, no more sterilisation thank goodness, I think one more go of the steriliser and it would have sterilised my brain along …

Apps and Clubs I Recommend to Parents to be and Parents!

Apps/websites/clubs I recommend to pregnant people and mummy's (or daddies)
1.) Cow and gate club
Even if you don't give your baby cow and gate you should sign up to the cow and gate club! It's easy and free and you get lots of helpful bits! I think sma/aptamil have similar sites but these are the best and I give Rosie C&G anyway. You get a welcome pack with lots of helpful info when you join, and a free cuddly cow toy! There's so much helpful info on the website as well as contact numbers/emails and even whatsapp. I've messaged the C&G team a few times in the early days and it's so helpful!! I also recently got their weaning pack which gave me loads of info and some money off coupons!! Before the birth they sent me a hospital bag packing list and a little card saying good luck. I think it's great! 
2.) Pampers rewards club I don't buy pampers all the time but when I do (usually when there on offer) you can keep the receipt and scan it on the app wi…

My Pregnancy Journey Part 6. Going into labour!

Waters breaking, being induced and life changing decisions...
Okay, so if you've happened to read part five you would know my waters broke when I was 38+5 weeks pregnant, and I was already in hospital for a completely different reason!

It was new years eve 2016, and it was the most depressing new years of my life. Being in hospital AGAIN for my high blood pressure, I laid in the dark hospital bed alone listening to other peoples snores and the sound of fireworks coming from somewhere much more fun than were I was. I finally drifted of to sleep around 2am when the fireworks had come to an end.

Fast forward to 4am and I awoke to my waters breaking. They say peoples waters can break differently, and mine was definitely a MASSIVE gush (sorry if too much info at any point, but im guessing if you're reading a birth story you wont be grossed out by these things!) In my sleepy state I had even wondered what it was! No matter how much you prepare, when it happens, especially before you du…

My Top 5 Baby Products.. The first six months

Since being a mum for almost 6 months now I feel like a lot of what I brought when I was pregnant and since then has been pretty well tried and tested, some were rubbish and some were life savers! These are the top...

1. Chicco next to me crib 

At first I thought these were a pretty great idea, I didn't even know they did such things until I was pregnant and since having one I love them even more. I very nearly didn't get it as I thought it wasn't much different to a Moses basket and that is was pure laziness wanting one literally attached to the bed. I'm so glad I went for it in the end, having your baby right there next to you is amazing, and very reassuring. This of course is the main selling point but its also surprisingly big. We have second hand moses basket for the day ( something I really do recommend doing if you get this crib) and the size comparison is crazy! Our little one is almost too big for her moses, I wouldn't feel like she was safe enough now overn…

Your Brand New Bod!

I think my naive self always assumed I would grow a little perfect belly and I would look glorious in anything I wore, I would just have a cute little bump to match! How silly I was...

My body changed a HELL of alot in nine months. It all got bigger and jigglier and stretch marky-er. Of course I know im not the only one, even though sometimes it can really feel like you are when all you see on social media is perfectly rounded and clear pregnant tums. 

People say 'love your stretch marks' and ' look at what they've created' and I think thats a good way to look at it. Doesn't make it easier for me though to love them though! Even though I try. I don't love them, but I have learnt to accept that they ain't going no where so I might as well focus on improving other things about myself, but I still get them days where I look in the mirror and think god, I didn't even know you could get stretch marks there. I have a baby-less friend who when I wouldn't…

Pregnancy Journey Part 5: Blood Pressure Hell

Blood pressure hell!
So I know it may seem like my pregnancy was problem after problem but it pretty much was. I can't emphasise enough how worth it it was and how just to get pregnant I was beyond lucky but that doesn't take away from how it impacts your life and how hard it can be. 

As I mentioned in my last post I was in hospital a lot by the end of it. My blood pressure went crazy from about 30 weeks. I thought finally! The 10 week countdown begins, and it turned out to be the longest ten weeks of my life. 

I never too much notice when the doctors would put that little cuff on your arm and muffle something along the lines of 'fine' or hardly acknowledged they had even done my blood pressure because throughout my whole life it was fine, never even really knew the importance of having good blood pressure. Then at 30 weeks or so it went sky high. I had to go straight to the hospital from my general midwife check up and from then on I was in hospital every few days gettin…