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I thought I would do a quick post and share with you my favourite parenting You Tubers! I have been obsessed with youtube since I was about 17, however since having Rosie I've found myself watching so many 'Mummy'youtube channels instead of hundreds of make up tutorials (don't get me wrong I love them but I wouldn't ever get the time to even do them now!) So I thought I would share with you some of my favourites, because chances are if you reading this blog now you love connecting with Mums as much as I do!

1.) Emily Norris.

My favourite! Can I just be her already? You will thank me. She is the most amazing Mother ever too the most gorgeous boys - Three of them! Her youngest is close to Rosie's age so it's nice to follow along with his updates especially. She does routine videos, vlogs, tips etc, all that good stuff. I think she is just so watchable! Binge watch and enjoy!

2.) Kate Murnane. https://www.y…

Save Big on Little Clothes!

Okay, so we all know that baby clothes can cost an arm and a leg. Full priced branded items can cost an absolute fortune, but sometimes we just get so tempted at the thought of our little angels in such gorgeous clothing we can't help but drop a bomb on a piece of clothing that will last them approximately three whole months, and probably get stained with some sort of baby gunk. 
Rosie's wardrobe! Pretty much all bargain pieces!

However, over the last 13 months I've accosted many tips that have helped me reign in the baby clothes expense, and I hope you find them useful too!

1.) Buy clothes that can grow with your child. I'm not talking buying things three sizes bigger so it will last forever (although, I think we all have done this at some point) I'm also talking about buying items that could be doubled up, for instance Rosie had some lovely T-shirt style dresses that were sized 0-3 months and I could actually put her in them until she was about 11 months old! I just used them as actual T-shirts when she got a little taller! They looked just as cute with leggings. You could also buy more vests that can be used as tops on warmer days and underneath clothes on colder days.
Rosie at 11 months in a 0-3 'dress'

2.) Instagram is your secret weapon! There is so many 'instashops' out there and I didn't even know this type of shop existed until I had Rosie. They are often cheaper than branded items and are normally a lot more one of a kind! There is also TONS of 'ready worn' Instagram pages where other Mums are selling their second hand good condition baby clothes for a LOT cheaper, and sometimes they even still have the tags on! I think this is such a lovely way to re use perfectly lovely baby clothes. 

3.) Second hand sites. As we are on the subject of used clothing, there is also alot of other websites which sell perfectly lovely second hand baby clothes. Facebook marketplace, Shpock, Gumtree to name but a few, with people eager to get rid of their old unwanted clothing and they are normally very eager to do some deals! Ask for as much pictures as you like to see the items in their full glory, as some may be better than others, but there is definitely some absolute gems out there! Don't be afraid to haggle, I got two lovely sleeping bags and a raincoat for Rosie for £6! I felt like such a thrifty chick haha! Or you could do it the old fashioned way and don your wellies and get up at 6am for them Sunday car boots!
Don't forget, you can always sell your old baby clothes to make cash for new ones!! (Or a cheeky takeaway)

4.)Ask for clothing for your little ones birthday or Christmas or on occasions like baby showers. True face-people love having the chance to buy cute baby clothes and they will often feel like they are really genuinely helping out by getting something you and the baby really need. So next time someone asks what to get for them, you could suggest clothing. Especially in the younger months/years when they are less aware of what they are getting! 

5.)Weigh up which things are worth spending a bit more on for quality. I like to get 'cheaper' PJ's for Rosie , such as Primark, as she's so comfy in them and no one but us see her in them anyway! The same goes for vests. However I may want to spend a little more on a decent coat that will last well through winter or their first pair of shoes that will really support their feet.

6.) Use your loyalty cards! Nectar, boots etc all sell baby clothes in their stores, which you may forget when you are collecting your points. Baby suddenly grown two inches and their tights wont go up any more? Nip to boots and use your points to tide you over until pay day.

7.) Sales, sale, sales! This one might seem like a no brainer but it of course has to be mentioned! Learn when stores have sales or when its the end of season for clothing and always be on the lookout for them cheaper items. Don't just buy any old stuff in the sales just because its cheap, as this can be counter productive but be persistent and you will find some amazing bargains! Also regularly check online, chances are at some point one store will have an online sale on or a discount code ( another quick tip, if you sign up for mailing lists etc you often get money off e-mails/post) and if you only find some lovely bargains in bigger size, get them anyway and the beauty of buying cheap baby clothes is you know they will defo eventually fit them and there is no trying on hell!! (unlike us gals sometimes who have had that size 8 in the closet for 3 years 'just in case') 

Remember, no matter what your budget is for your little one, all they care about is that they are loved and happy!!

'Warm up' summer clothes (that may still fit or have been in the end of season sale) with layers and you have a whole new outfit! Just like this gorge little playsuit I wasn't ready to let go of yet!

    Plain white/grey clothes are normally quite alot cheaper and they are such a classic!



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